Philip Gold Presents at Florida Justice Association’s 2019 Annual Convention

On Friday June 14, 2019, partner Philip Gold presented a Medical Malpractice Legislative & Case Law Update with fellow attorney Steve Cain, Esq. at the Florida Justice Association’s 2019 Annual Convention.

Gold and Cain covered off on some of the most significant legal changes affecting medical malpractice victims over the past year.

In order to help plaintiff attorneys across the state properly strategize for medical malpractice cases involving expert witnesses, the presentation highlighted changes like the recent Florida Supreme Court adoption of “Daubert,” which shifts how Courts analyze expert witness testimony. This adoption may significantly change which medical expert witnesses may testify and which medical opinions they may testify to at trial.

With this new standard, attorneys will need to ensure that medical experts who support medical malpractice lawsuits are not unfairly prevented from giving their expert medical opinions at trial in order to secure case results.