Negligent Security: What You Need to Know About Your Rights

There are countless factors that can make a property unsafe. However, that does not excuse a property owner from not taking the measures to ensure a customer or guest’s safety.

It is a property owner’s responsibility to ensure reasonable security to protect customers from foreseeable crime and to eliminate dangerous conditions on the property. If they do not, and this lack of security leads to your injury, you may have a negligent security case.

When crime occurs at apartment complexes, shopping malls, hotels, universities, or gated communities, the landlords, property managers and security companies are held liable for providing appropriate safety precautions.

In many cases, these establishments are responsible if a guest or customer is injured, or if they fail to provide adequate security causing a guest harm.

At Gold & Gold, we’ve seen how this lack of security leads to injury—and what that can mean for the victim and his or her family. Our team of experienced negligent security attorneys is here to help you understand your rights and the responsibilities of property owners, so you’re not left out to dry if the worst occurs.

How Can Property Owners Protect Their Guests?

While some crimes committed on a property are unpreventable, there are numerous ways property owners can work to minimize the likelihood of a crime occurring. While the proper measures to ensure safety depend on the physical qualities of each location, there are some measures that could minimize the potential for crime, no matter where they are employed.

For one, property owners can hire security guards to ensure the safety of a location. The presence of security guards can act to make a property feel safer and deter potential criminals from performing crimes.

In addition, vigilant security guards can help de-escalate a situation and apprehend or stop criminals when a situation occurs. No matter the case, security guards can be a useful way to ensure the safety of customers.

Surveillance cameras also act to inhibit crime and, in some cases, help victims seek justice after a crime. For example, many property owners use cameras to project surveillance camera feeds onto an easily visible monitor, so criminals know that their act is being monitored. This video is recorded, backed up, and stored digitally in case a crime occurs.

Lastly, even minute details such as proper lighting can be used to create a safer environment for a property. Proper lighting can act as a way of exposing criminals and deterring them from committing acts or eliminating the sense of surprise from a victim.

If you are injured due to a lack of security on another’s property, you may be entitled to compensation from the property owner, property management company or security company. Contact our negligent security attorneys today to find out if you have a case, today.