Gold & Gold Condemns All Acts of Racial Discrimination and Violence

An American flag

At Gold & Gold, P.A., we believe in Equal Justice Under Law. These are the words written above the entrance to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and is a core value of our great nation. The killing of George Floyd was unjust and wrong, and his family deserves justice.

For years, Gold & Gold, P.A. has worked to bring justice to distraught families who have suffered the loss of a loved one. We know that obtaining justice takes courage, and it often takes time. We pray that George Floyd’s family sees the day when justice is delivered to them.

We recognize that the current movement is about more than George Floyd’s death. His death is a sad reminder of countless other victims of racial discrimination, hatred and violence that has plagued our country for generations.

We stand with the majority of Americans and condemn all acts of racial discrimination, hatred and violence.

We support the peaceful protests that have helped bring racial discrimination back to the forefront of American discourse.

We reject all violent protest and looting, but firmly believe that the overwhelming majority of protesters across America are united in peace and united in promoting positive change.

It is clear that we all have more work to do to make the American experience safer, equal, and just for our black communities and all minority communities across this country. We pray that we can accomplish this as a nation with dignity, love and respect for one another, united in the desire to create a more perfect union.

We at Gold & Gold, P.A. remain dedicated to Equal Justice Under Law, and equal justice for all.