Bringing Justice to Families in Wrongful Death Cases

By Keith A. Pierro September 5, 2018Insights,Wrongful Death

As I mentioned in my previous story, a case early on in my career solidified my belief that what we do for our clients helps make our lives safer.

Our client was a young mother who had tragically lost her young child, who fell out of an amusement park ride. We dove into this highly complex case and educated ourselves on how these rides are maintained and operated, thoroughly reviewing the policies and safety codes that need to be in place so that these accidents are avoided. We discovered that this ride was not safe for kids and that its operator was not following the necessary safety measures.

Following our client’s settlement, the ride operator vowed to do everything in their power to make all of their rides safe by making them compliant with safety policies, thus ensuring that no other family has to endure what our client did.

This concrete result taught me the power our work has to change lives.

While not every case turns out this way, our ultimate goal in any wrongful death case  is to bring justice to the grieving family and empower them to continue their loved one’s legacy. Wrongful death cases are extremely sensitive.

The loss of a loved one may be the most difficult moment in anyone’s life – and when that loss comes at the hands of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, the situation is even worse because it could have been avoided.

While the law is always the law, each situation our clients’ face is undoubtedly different, which makes each clients’ needs different. Our approach with each of our clients is unique to their needs. As we ensure that every client knows we have their back in the courtroom, we also make sure they know we’re there for them outside of the courtroom as well.

We give clients the sort of real human interaction that allows for them to feel comfortable when talking with us about their pain, which in turn helps them heal emotionally.

Some of our proudest moments come when a child who lost a parent calls us years later to thank us for providing them with the financial means to attend college and live comfortably despite having lost a parent.

The tragedy of a wrongful death changes our clients’ lives forever, but through a wrongful death lawsuit, they are able to find the justice and restitution that can allow their loved one’s legacy lives on with them.