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Wrongful Death Claims

At Gold & Gold we handle a significant amount of wrongful death claims. When a person loses a loved one in a tragic accident we understand the toll it can take on a family. Our attorneys take pride in not only handling the legal aspect of a wrongful death claim, but also in helping families heal through the grief of losing a loved one.

Many families who lose a parent in a wrongful death claim are left with significant pitfalls that affect the children. There is a process in the probate court that is required to bring lawsuits in wrongful death claims. Our attorneys are extremely familiar with guiding our clients through the probate process along with an estate attorney to ensure that every member and legal survivor is well educated and well taken care of.

There are a number of laws and statutes which include or exclude various individuals from having a claim in a wrongful death action. Our attorneys at Gold & Gold are able to use Florida law to ensure that those individuals who have a legal right to the proceeds from a wrongful death case are able to secure any funds they have a legal right to.

Hospitals and insurance companies have long lobbied the legislature in Tallahassee for there to be limits to the amount of money an individual who has lost a loved one can obtain. Gold & Gold attorneys have stayed the course in fighting hospitals and insurance companies and having these limits to be found unconstitutional.

Thankfully these efforts have worked and those who have lost loved ones in wrongful death cases know they have a partner in Gold & Gold to use the law to the fullest to ensure just compensation for it’s clients.

Many wrongful death cases involve hospital medical negligence wherein a hospital fails to timely and appropriately recognize a patient’s life threatening condition. Gold & Gold secured a $4.2 million settlement for a family whose father passed away due to medical malpractice.

Our client’s husband died of multi-organ failure as a consequence of overwhelming sepsis due to a perforation negligently caused by the operating physician. Not only did the physician cause the perforation, but the physician and all hospital staff failed to recognize and treat the infection in any capacity.

Sadly by the time the infection was recognized it was too late and the patient’s life was not able to be saved. The gentlemen who passed away left a wife and several children. Gold & Gold was able to secure significant compensation in order to help take care of the family.

Oftentimes wrongful death cases are difficult to prove because the person with the most knowledge about the incident has sadly passed away. However, the attorneys at Gold & Gold take pride in helping piece the facts together and leave no stone unturned.

Gold & Gold was able to secure a $1.2 million settlement against a pharmacy that had given the wrong prescription medications to their customer over a lengthy period of time.

Through investigation of the premises where the deceased was found, Gold & Gold was able to demonstrate through the use of receipts that this person died from a medication prescription failure by the pharmacy.

By then securing the records Gold & Gold made it clear that the pharmacy was negligent. Despite losing the matriarch of the family, they were able to take solace in knowing that their mother’s passing would ensure that this pharmacy was more careful in the future with its other customers.

These are just several examples of the many types of wrongful death claims that Gold & Gold handles including, but not limited to, auto motorcycle and trucking accidents, negligent security, medical malpracticenursing home malpractice and product defect cases.