Why Honor and Integrity Are So Important to Gold & Gold

By Keith A. Pierro November 5, 2019Insights

I grew up watching my dad practice law. I have time and again seen in him a living example of the power the law has to do good.

Through him, I experienced the sense of concrete accomplishment he felt each time he helped families and individuals find justice. That, in turn, helped me find my own calling.

It is this ongoing work on behalf of those we can help that serves as the bedrock of our practice. My father and I founded this firm with a focus on fighting for our clients with honor and integrity.

It is my privilege to advocate for the injured and those who have lost loved ones in wrongful death cases.

Anyone faced with a life-altering experience has to deal with a variety of intense emotions while simultaneously managing the onslaught of logistical complications inherent to these situations.

During this sensitive time, it’s crucial that clients have legal counsel that is empathic, understands their needs, and is able to provide clear guidance through each step of an often-painful process. We empower our clients, arming them with as much legal knowledge as possible so that they can make the appropriate decision that best serves their needs.

Early on in my career, a complex wrongful death case reaffirmed my belief that what we do really does help make our lives safer. Our hard work during that case not only helped our client get the settlement she deserved, but it also led the company involved in the case to make big changes, ensuring their product would be safe and up to code. I’ll share more about this case in a future story.

The Gold & Gold Difference

What sets Gold & Gold apart is our dedication to treating our clients like family, ensuring they have full access to our attorneys 24-hours a day. Our team of attorneys have a rare mix of empathy and grit that drives them to fight tirelessly for our clients.

That same level of attention and responsiveness is extended to our referral partners, including medical providers, insurance adjusters, court staff, and attorneys from other law firms.

We have clients that have been with us for more than 40 years – clients who have trusted us so fully that they’ve referred family and friends.

As attorneys, nothing is more rewarding than getting in the ring to fight for our clients and get them the most just compensation possible under Florida law.

Community Involvement

With offices in Miami and Palm Beach, Gold & Gold attorneys are easily accessible and active in our communities. As members of the South Florida community, ensuring the safety of others – including our own families – is our top priority.

Our attorneys sit on boards of trial law organizations that volunteer to do pro bono work, feed the homeless, and help promote the benefits of working with trial attorneys when engaging with the legal system.

All of this adds up to our mantra: We fight for our clients while maintaining the utmost values of honor and integrity.