We’re Working Hard For You – A Letter From Our Founding Partner

Working Team

As we all strive together to weather the Covid-19 outbreak, Gold & Gold, P.A. will continue to fight on your behalf. We have established deep roots in Florida’s legal community for more than four decades. And although much has changed over the years, our unwavering commitment to delivering first class legal services never has. When regular folks are left with no option, we are here to be their champions, to advocate on their behalf, and to hold those who have harmed them accountable. These are the challenges that inspire our trial lawyers to continue fighting for our clients in the face of unrelenting opposition from powerful, entrenched, and resource rich defendants and their insurance companies. I am extremely proud to lead a team of attorneys devoted to winning cases through relentless preparation. Our attorneys are driven by understanding the devastation of serious injury and loss inflicted on individuals and their families. We concentrate on the most serious cases, such as medical malpractice, negligent security, catastrophic personal injury, and wrongful death. In my nearly 42 years of practice, I have learned that we all have an obligation to do the right thing and stand up against defendants and their insurance companies when they are wrong. It is this principle that continues to drive me and our law firm today. Some of our recent cases include:

​Medical Malpractice​
​​$4,000,000.00 settlement was reached on behalf of a 29-year-old woman who presented to a hospital with a catastrophic brain bleed. The hospital was able to save our client’s life; however, while recovering from the brain bleed at the hospital, our client suffered oxygen deprivation causing an anoxic brain ​injury​. We claimed that the hospital failed to monitor our client’s oxygen saturation levels. The settlement was used to establish a Special Needs Trust to provide lifelong care for our client.​

​​​A $2,600,000.00 settlement was reached for an infant who lost his leg when a hospital and its staff failed to timely recognize and properly treat an infection.​​​

​​A $1,350,000.00 settlement was reached against hospitals and physicians who failed to timely diagnosis and treat a patient’s spinal abscess.​​

​A $1,600,000.00 settlement was reached on behalf of a 57-year-old man involved in a car accident who suffered multiple fractures and required left hand surgery. Our client was making a left turn against traffic when a car with the right of way struck him. Although liability was disputed, we were able to prove through witness interviews, police bodycam footage, and accident reconstruction that the other driver was speeding when he struck our client’s car. ​

​A $2,500,000.00 settlement was reached on behalf of a 74-year-old woman who lost her husband in an accident when his bicycle was struck by a car. The at fault driver was uninsured. We were able to double the amount of Uninsured Motorist Coverage by proving that our client’s husband was injured in two separate and distinct insurable incidents involving the same accident.