Upcoming Gold & Gold Events for October & November 2018

Gold & Gold legal team

The attorneys at Gold & Gold are frequently involved in events and speaking engagements throughout Florida. Here’s what we have coming up in the next few months.

Ethical Governance Day

Ethical Governance Day

Hosted By: Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust and Miami-Dade Public Schools

When: 10/24/18

Speaking: Philip Gold is a speaker

Philip is pleased to be one of many volunteers who will address students on the importance of civic participation and engagement as a means of promoting better and more ethical government.

This is a non-partisan, non-politicized event. Philip has been asked to draw upon his own stories and backgrounds in his presentations in order to connect with the students and emphasize the importance of respecting the right of every individual to engage in civil dialogue on important public issues. As a trial attorney, civic participation is near and dear to Philip and his law partners and staff at Gold & Gold, P.A.

“Serving as a juror is considered one of the most important acts of civic duty there is. As a juror, you decide disputes in our community. You decide what conduct is right and what conduct is wrong. You are given the power to hold people and corporations accountable for bad acts.”

We at Gold & Gold, P.A. believe that every injured client has a right to tell their story and be heard by a jury made up of regular folks in our community. Oftentimes, the story our clients live involve tragedy, pain and life changing injuries.

The good news for our clients is that we have a civil justice system that works. Injured clients can bring a claim or a lawsuit and hold a person or corporation that was responsible for causing a tragedy accountable for the resulting injuries, damage and harm.

Our Civil Justice system has been around since the beginning of our Country and our State, so its easy for us to forget about how important it truly is. But we can’t let ourselves forget. Civil Justice is about protecting our community, enforcing accountability, and taking care of our people when they are victims of someone else’s unsafe conduct.

UM Law Alumni Happy Hour

Hosted By: Gold & Gold, P.A. and University of Miami Law Alumni Association

When: 11/8/18

Where: Tap 42; 5050 Town Center Cir #247, Boca Raton, FL 33486

Gold & Gold, P.A. is excited to co-host another UM LAW Alumni Happy Hour. This will be our third year in a row co-hosting this event in South Palm Beach County and each year has been a success. The event draws attorneys and Judges from Broward and Palm Beach County who are connected by being Canes!

Currently, Gold & Gold, P.A. has five attorneys who are UM Law Alumni, including founding partner, David Gold, who graduated cum laude from UM Law in 1978. David has maintained his love and appreciation for UM and the Cane Community throughout his life and career as a trial lawyer.

“I’m always impressed with the caliber of attorneys that make up the UM Law Alumni. You meet lawyers who are old and young and from every practice area, and its nice to see that everyone is working hard and doing well.” Gold & Gold, P.A. partner, Keith Pierro, is the organizer of the event for our firm. You can contact Keith directly or rsvp to the UM Law Alumni through the event emails.

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