Philip Gold Completes Tenure as President of Miami-Dade Trial Lawyers Association

For the past year, Gold & Gold partner Philip A. Gold has served as president of the Miami-Dade Trial Lawyers Association (MDTLA) with great honor. As his presidency comes to an end, we reflect on Philip’s time as president and the impact he made on this influential organization.

The Miami-Dade Trial Lawyers Association and its members are dedicated to the pursuit of justice, individual rights, access to courts, education, and trial advocacy. The organization’s mission is “to actively protect the rights, health, and economic security of every citizen threatened by the malicious, careless, or criminal behavior of those who seek to escape responsibility for their conduct.”

Members select judges for their dedication to our civil justice system, award scholarships to deserving law students, volunteer through community service, and host events throughout the year for Miami’s Trial Lawyers to stay connected and educated on best practices and key issues impacting the industry.

Philip has built his reputation on hard work and dedication, both as a partner of Gold & Gold and president at MDTLA. During his tenure, he helped the organization adjust its fundraising strategy by spearheading a new fundraising model. This gave the organization the ability to host educational events and helped increase event participation.

These events included a youth leadership development mixer, children’s field day, annual judicial reception, and holiday parties and elections. On top of expanding programming, Philip facilitated scholarship awards for local law students and hosted a continuing legal education seminar educating attorneys on the latest trends in law.

“The experience of being president of MDTLA was just as wonderful as I had believed it would be going in,” Philip states. “The organization is made up of the best plaintiff trial lawyers within our community and to have their support and belief in me was humbling.”

Recently, Philip passed his gavel to Elliot Kula of Kula & Associates, P.A., who now serves as President of the MDTLA.

“A lot of hard work went into making the year great, but it never feels like work when you’re alongside friends,” Philip notes. “It was amazing to play a part in this legal community that cares about justice and doing the right thing.”