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Often times, people suffer injuries occurring upon the property of another for a variety of reasons.  The reasons may include liquid that is left on the floor, a step that is built too high or too low according to safety regulations, a leaky air conditioner unit is left unmaintained, or any dangerous condition upon a property that is known to the property owner.  Property owners have a duty to remedy or warn their invitees of dangerous conditions that can cause accidents and injuries. 

Our attorneys craft strong premises liability cases based upon industry standards, safety standards, and common sense to address each specific dangerous condition.  It is often made very difficult to obtain and discover the information necessary to successfully handle these cases.  Large corporations like supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies and other commercial buildings, employ a large staff which is trained to minimize risk by preventing their inspection and maintenance policies and procedures and surveillance from being discovered.  Our attorneys are committed to keeping the pressure on these defendants and compelling them to produce all crucial information and documentation.

Our firm was able to achieve a $400,000 settlement against a commercial strip mall when our client slipped and fell.  A portion of the walkway was brick and absorbed rain water which provided customers with a non-slippery walkway.  However, another portion of the walkway was painted concrete to look like brick.  This was a less expensive option for the strip mall corporation, but the painted concrete was more than twice as slippery as the brick next to it.  Our client took one step from the brick onto the painted concrete, slipped and fell and injured her neck.  The $400,000 settlement compensated our client for her neck injury as well as past and future pain and suffering. 

Our firm reached a $4.5 million settlement to compensate a young woman who was shot in the face while in a parking lot of a commercial strip mall.  Our attorneys alleged that the mall security was negligent.  The evidence established that the security guard on duty had the opportunity to watch a physical struggle in the parking lot for approximately twenty minutes, but was ill equipped to do anything to stop it.  He was not provided with mace, weapons, or even a phone to contact the authorities.  We alleged that he was a “scarecrow” security guard providing no actual security whatsoever.  The twenty minute physical altercation resulted in our client being shot in the face, requiring extensive reconstructive surgery and living with physical deformities and the memory of this nightmare experience for the rest of her life. 

Our attorneys won a $3.2 million verdict against a nursing home that negligently maintained its landscaping allowing shrubs to overgrow outside of the property line and obscure the vision of drivers operating vehicles on the streets surrounding the property.  On one sad day, a young man on his motorcycle was killed when an oncoming truck driver could not see him due to the overgrown landscaping, and an accident ensued.  The jury returned a verdict against the nursing home to compensate our client, who was the young man’s mother.  The nursing home asserted that it was not responsible for an auto accident occurring off of its property; however we proved that the nursing home knew that its landscaping created a dangerous condition on the roads surrounding its property.

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