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Medical Malpractice &
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Medical malpractice claims are the most work intensive and require the most specialized medical knowledge.  David H. Gold has handled, researched and litigated medical malpractice claims for over 20 years, and has made this the cornerstone of his career.  He is recognized for winning even the most difficult medical malpractice cases and recovering exceptionally large verdicts. In fact, Mr. Gold has tried over 50 medical malpractice cases to a jury verdict.  The results are evident.    

Our firm won a $4.2 million verdict on behalf of our client, a woman in her 40’s, who went in for her yearly mammogram, but the physicians missed a tumor on the mammogram.  One year later, at her next routine mammogram, the tumor was found and unfortunately had grown larger and more aggressive.  She required a total mastectomy to remove the large, aggressive tumor.  Our firm alleged that had the prior mammogram been read and reviewed correctly, our client would have been able to undergo a lapectomy to remove only the tumor, and not her entire breast.  Unfortunately, our client must now live the remainder of her life without her breasts, and a jury compensated her in the amount of $4.2 million. 

Our firm won a $1.5 million verdict against two physicians and their medical group for the negligent treatment of a man with genital warts.  The physicians decided to excise a genital wart from his penis; however, the physicians punctured a vein during the application of anesthesia.  Our firm argued that only an anesthesiologist should administer anesthesia, and that the physicians were untrained to do so.  The result was that our client suffered significant permanent nerve damage and severe pain to his penis which significantly impaired his ability to have sexual intercourse.

Our firm reached a settlement for the four minor children of a man who died in the emergency room of a local hospital.  After presenting to the emergency room for a broken leg, a hospital nurse administered an incorrect dose of medication which required additional medication that caused him to stop breathing.  A different medication was then administered to restart his breathing, and unfortunately, this cocktail of medication caused a deadly amount of bleeding at the fracture site, all of which went undetected by the hospital personnel.  Under current Florida law, hospitals, doctors and medical providers are capped at what can be recovered against them.  In this case, we were able to recover a settlement of $800,000 pretrial settlement for this man’s four minor children.

We also recently procured a $2.1 million settlement for the widow of a 67 year old man who died from tuberculosis.  Several years prior to his death, medical exams showed signs and symptoms persistent with tuberculosis.  His treating physician recognized this but failed to recommend or order any follow-up specific to tuberculosis.  Tuberculosis is treatable and able to be managed, and our firm alleged that had the treating physician followed the proper standard of care, the tuberculosis would have been found, and our client’s husband would be living today. 

Florida’s legislature has limited the ability to litigate and recover fair compensation for victims of medical malpractice.  Medical providers, doctors and hospitals continue to make negligent mistakes that severely injure or take the lives of individuals.  It is the commitment of Gold, Chavez & Gold, P.A., to continue to investigate, research and litigate medical malpractice claims.  We respect our medical community and hold physicians in the highest regard, but we understand that physicians are people and sometimes people make mistakes.   When these mistakes cause you or your loved one to be seriously injured or killed, our firm is committed to protecting your legal right to be compensated for their wrong doing

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